Case Result

  • Criminal Defense

    Serious Crimes:

    Achieved reduction of Attempted Murder charge to Misdemeanor Domestic Violence.


    Hit and Run:

    Negotiated Civil Compromise for client charged with hit and run, which resulted in all charges being dropped - Civil Compromise results in charges being dismissed if defendant agrees to pay victim's damages.



    Theft Crimes:

    Negotiated Deferred Prosecution for a client charged with larceny and shoplifting - Deferred Prosecution results in dismissal of charges in certain cases provided that defendant agrees to satisfy court-ordered conditions.

  • Asset Seizure Defense

    Recovered client's $67,996 cash, the entire amount that United States Customs and the DEA seized, by persuading the court that law enforcement confiscated the money in violation of state and federal law.

  • Personal Injury

    • Won a $343,925 settlement for clients involved in a tour bus crash.

    • Forced a $70,000 settlement for client who suffered a soft tissue injury resulting from a rear end collision.

  • Family Law

    Took on a four-year old divorce case that three previous attorneys were unable to resolve. Forced a settlement for the client, which gave her ownership and possession of the marital residence and exclusive ownership and possession of vacation home to compensate her for her ex-husband's hiding and squandering of community property assets.

  • Employment Law

    • Forced a $50,000 settlement for client in his case against his former employer for unpaid wages and hostile workplace.

    • Forced settlement for client for $10,000 for client in her case against her former employer for sexual harassment and unpaid overtime.


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