What Are the Different Types of Product Liability Cases?

Product liability is a diverse area of the law that focuses on the accountability of corporations that fail to create safe products. When consumers are injured because of a product defect, the people who are responsible must be held liable. There are many things that can go wrong in the creation of any type of product, which is why the details of product liability claims vary so widely.

Types of Product Defects

A product defect may be due to issues in the design, manufacturing, or marketing of an item. Depending on the type of product defect, liability for resulting injuries may fall on designers, factories, advertising agencies, people involved in the patent process, and others.

Product defects are classified as:

  • Design defects: A product may have been designed in an unsafe way that presents a risk to consumers.
  • Manufacturing defects: This is when issues occur during the assembly of a product, resulting in a dangerous defect.
  • Marketing defects: Even if a product was designed and manufactured correctly, it can present a danger to consumers if it is not appropriately marketed. For example, advertisements for an item may not include proper instructions for use or warning labels.

Examples of Product Liability

A product liability claim can be filed due to defects with any type of product, as long as the use of the item caused injury to the claimant and/or other consumers. From medical devices to children’s toys, product liability law covers a wide range of items and scenarios.

Automotive defects are some of the most popular subjects of product liability cases. A defective vehicle or car part can lead to accidents and result in serious injuries or fatalities for drivers, passengers, and others on the road.

Some common instances of product defects include issues such as:

  • Rollover accidents
  • Failed seatbelts
  • Defective airbags
  • Faulty seatbacks
  • Unable-to-secure child car seats

You may be able to pursue a claim for compensation if you were injured due to one of these defects or because of another dangerous product. At Lara Law Firm, our lawyer can help you understand your rights and hold negligent corporations accountable.

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