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Our philosophy is that the freedom that we, as Americans, enjoy is only possible when each of us is careful to avoid causing harm to others. Thus, the Lara Law Firm’s mission is to preserve our shared freedom by promoting a careful society.

If you were injured due to another’s carelessness, the law of negligence provides a remedy for you. The heart of the law of negligence is the concept of care. If the person who caused your injury owed a duty of care to you but he or she breached that duty, then the law holds that person, or his insurance company, liable to you for the harm you suffered.


Thus, we believe that by holding careless people accountable for the harm they cause, we play a role in deterring carelessness, creating a more careful society, and thus maximizing our shared freedom. It is this vision that guides us in serving you.

We understand the importance of ensuring that you are duly compensated when you are injured due to another’s carelessness because we believe that such carelessness causes harm to us all.


Furthermore, we bring the value of care to each of the areas of law that we practice. Our laws are complicated, and our adversarial system of justice can be intimidating. Have you been arrested? Are you facing divorce or being mistreated by your employer? Are you trying to navigate our complicated immigration laws?


If so, you are facing a difficult problem that can have serious consequences for your reputation, your future and your freedom. You do not need the added stress of facing your legal problems alone and without legal representation.


Call us. We can help.



 Personal Injury

The heart of personal injury law is the requirement of due care. If you are harmed due to another's carelessness, we want to help you get the compensation you deserve.

 Family Law

Divorce, restraining orders,  child custody, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

 Employment Law

Unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, wrongful termination, retaliation, sexual harassment, workplace discrimination

 Criminal Law

DUI, Domestic Violence, Misdemeanor and Felony Defense

 Immigration Law

Family-Based Immigration, Business-Based Immigration, Student-Based Immigration



Personal Injury

90​% +

of our personal injury cases end with a money award for our clients

Family Law

Case won with award

We have taken on various divorce cases that other attorneys gave up on, and we managed to bring them successfully to a satisfactory conclusion

Criminal Law

90​% +

of our criminal defense cases end in dismissal, deferred judgment, civil compromise, or in the charges being dropped




A passion for justice has guided Richard's education and career. While earning BA, MA and Ph.D. degrees in philosophy and history, he thought deeply about ethics, political philosophy, and history.


Today, he pursues his passion for justice by defending his clients' rights. Richard believes a nation best serves its citizens by diligently protecting their rights. He also believes attorneys play a crucial role in providing such protection, and he is honored to be a part of our nation’s legal profession.

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I was sailing along toward my goal of becoming a Registered Nurse when someone rear-ended me while I was stopped at a traffic light. The accident turned my life upside down. My studies were interrupted, I had to drop classes because of all the time I lost, my car was totaled, and, worst of all, I was injured. I called Richard, and he was a tremendous help. He got me enough money to buy a new car, and he also got me $50,000 for my injury. This was the maximum amount available under the other driver’s insurance policy, the best possible outcome. Thank you, Richard! You’re the best!

—  Erin, Student of Nursing.

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